Talent Quest Timetable

Talent Quest Timetable

2016 Talent Quest Timetable

Families are welcome to come and watch (seating is limited), our Annual Talent Quest is completely volunteer run, so bring your best attitude on the day

Please arrive 10mins BEFORE your section begins, we cannot wait for performers running late. If you are in the first section of the day please wait outside until class has finished (12:30pm).

We have done our best trying to meet individual timing requests, apologies to those we couldn’t meet.

Have FUN practicing and preparing


12:35pm           10.5-11yrs Groups plus Perf Group 2 (1:05pm)

1:15pm             11yrs Solos

1:35pm             9-10.3yrs Groups plus Perf Group 3 (2:00pm)

2:10pm             9-10yrs Solos

2:25pm             8-8.5yrs Groups

2:50pm             6-8yrs Solos plus Perf Group 1 (3:05pm)

3:10pm             7-7.5yrs Groups            plus Perf Group 4 (3:25pm)

3:35pm             3.5-6.5yrs Groups plus Perf Group 5 (3:55pm)

4:05pm             3-5yrs Improvisation

4:20pm             12-14yrs Solos

4:35pm             12-14yrs Groups

5pm                  FINISH


A list of the individual performers in each section will be posted later today. Your group section is the average age of your group. This will be made clear in the list posted later today.